Say hello to the future
of cooking.

You'll learn to chop, broil, and bake through real-time, chef-guided videos. Your kitchen won't know what hit it. 


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No fees. No subscriptions. Just pay what you wish.

Our goal is to spread our love for cooking far and wide, and your contribution helps us continue to make stellar content for you.

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A full suite of cooking tools
to totally revolutionize how you cook.

After years of research and development, Project Foodie is our attempt to create the cookbook of the future - combining the best elements of all the cooking shows, books, apps, how-to videos, classes and programs (eliminating the crappy features) and adding a bunch of our own that were sorely missing. 

Our app is powered by fun and easy real-time videos starring hilarious and brilliant celebrity chef, Daniel Holzman, produced by his brother and EMMY-winning TV producer, Eli Holzman, that users cook along to from start to finish. 



    • Smart cooking timers so nothing gets burnt or mushy
    • Recipe calculator so you don’t have to do any math (!) 
    • Grocery lists, buying and delivery functions
    • Shareable grocery lists
    • Quick preview videos to ease decision making
    • Cooking tips and tricks to elevate your meals to restaurant quality every time
    • Cool take-aways about every meal
    • Instagram connectivity and reminders to easily share your cooking stories
      with friends and family
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    It's perfect for . . .

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    Millennial Max

    He loves all things digital, and needs a single platform that will teach him everything from the basics to mastering the kitchen.

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    The TEPID Foodie

    They love food and eating out, but have been intimidated by cooking at home. All they need is the right tool to get them into the kitchen.

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    Ms. Bag of Tricks

    She will love learning pro tips and tricks from a celebrity chef.


    Why cook with us?

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    You'll learn restaurant-quality techniques directly from a celebrity chef.

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    gain skills for life

    Rather than blindly following recipes, you'll learn skills
    that you will have in your arsenal forever.

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    A year of restaurant
    quality meals without breaking the bank

    Cook and eat well, while saving
    some serious dough.


    Take a spin.

    Preview our chef-guided
    recipe videos on YouTube.

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